About Us

Welcome to Health Care Education and Training
For over 21 years Health Care Education and Training (HCET) has provided education, training and technical assistance, program development, grants management and evaluation services to professionals, health care systems, community based organizations and state and local government agencies.  HCET is based in Indianapolis, IN, has a second office in Madison, WI and works in Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio.

HCET’s mission is to provide comprehensive program development, education, and training to improve reproductive and sexual health outcomes.

HCET sees policies, practices, program delivery, and systems change that support the fundamental right to reproductive and sexual health care, training and education for all.

Positive Core
HCET is an organization of passionate people who are proactive in their belief that reproductive and sexual care, education and training are a fundamental right. They honor the heroes that work tirelessly for access to evidenced-based, scientific, researched, and rigorously evaluated programs. Through collaborations that are effective, strategic, and unique, HCET engages diverse partnerships with longevity to effect change. HCET is innovative in its problem-solving and mold-breaking evaluation, programming and clinic sustainability efforts, making these efforts work regardless of obstacles.

Design Principles
HCET accomplishes its mission, reaches its vision, and builds on its positive core through the following streams of work:

Program and Policy: Advance programs and policies that ensure access to high quality, comprehensive and evidence-based sexual and reproductive health care

Partnerships: Create diverse and collaborative partnerships to help HCET accomplish its mission

Training and Education: Provide evidence-based, innovative and culturally proficient training, program development and prevention education for professionals

Program Evaluation: Evaluate programs through participatory, comprehensive and science-based methods that engage youth and adults as more than just subjects

Staff Development: Support a professional, creative staff to build the future of the organization, bringing innovation to project management and recognition at local, regional, and national levels

Strong Infrastructure: Maintain a strong infrastructure of funding, technology, and communications that sustains and evolves the organization

Board of Directors  
 Richelle Frabotta- Clarksville, Ohio  Paula Means- Indianapolis, Indiana
Amy Peterson-Mt. Clemens, Michigan Michelle Mills- Chicago, Illinois
Sue Courtney- Medford, Wisconsin Charlie Fields, Jr- Chicago, Illinois
Abby Hunt, Executive Director Leigh Zaban, Community Programs Director
Carrie Baranowski, Interim Program Director  Kadijha-Marquardt-Davis, WI Project Coordinator
Jen Stephenson, Business Operations Manager Melanie Bourdeau- Financial Coordinator
Monique M. Hensley, Project Manager Jeremy Roseberry-Project Manager
Doug Cope-Barnes, Project Manager Carly Marco, WI Training Manager
 Jason Decker, Data Coordinator  Adrienne Cook, Project Manager 
Kelly Bradford, Project Assistant Shannon Ruth-Leigh, WI Project Manager
Adrian Jones, WI Training Manager