WI WH-FP/RH Program-Dual Protection Services

These materials are made available for new and future dual protection sites to assist in the implementation of core dual protection services in their community.

The main purpose of the dual protection services program is to provide access to sexually transmitted disease screening, testing, and treatment services that are integrated into existing programs and services available through a local county health department or another agency.

These services are provided per established dual protection standards of care and practices for the protection of reproductive health and prevention and early detection and treatment of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

Dual protection services support the following public health and maternal and child health promotion and prevention goals:

  • Reproductive health promotion and risk reduction
  • Protection of fertility
  • Planned and prepared for pregnancy
  • Healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Healthy birth spacing

Dual protection services provide a set of important interventions, provide an entry point into reproductive primary health care, and support timely continuity of care.  They are intended to supplement comprehensive community-based reproductive health. They are not an alternative to, replacement, or substitution for full service reproductive health primary care.

What is dual protection?  Dual protection is a term used when a person wants to avoid both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  Dual protection is the use of condoms to reduce the risk of STD/STI exposure and a contraceptive method to reduce the likelihood of unintended pregnancy.  Providing access to Dual Protection Kits in advance of need is an evidence-based practice which indicates greater use, thus greater pregnancy and STD/STI prevention.  The Dual Protection Kit includes male and female condoms, emergency contraception, and educational materials for appropriate use.

The core interventions in dual protection services (depending on the presenting needs) accomplish the following functions:

  • To adequately address the primary presenting needs (including STD, pregnancy, primary method, and/or emergency contraception)
  • To screen and enroll eligible clients into Badger Care Family Planning Only Services (BC-FPOS) health care coverage
  • To provide the complete Dual Protection Kit
  • To provide the opportunity for a primary (initial) contraceptive method
  • To actively facilitate ongoing connections with a medical and pharmacy home
  • To screen for potential sexual violence/abuse/coercion when possible, or to provide an opportunity for a client to express concerns
  • To provide actively managed referrals with follow-up for a reproductive health care home and continuing services and supplies

Resources for Developing Dual Protection Services:

Site Manual for Developing Dual Protection Services

Foundations of Reproductive Health Modules 


Section I:    

  1. WI Administrative Code and Statutes
  2. WI State Statutes that Define Scope of Practice
  3. Sample Standing Orders (STD/Dual Protection/Initial Method)
  4. “Just the Basics” – Dual Protection
  5. WH-FP RH Priority Practices
  6. References for Evidence –Based Practices in Dual Protection Services

Section II:

  1. 340B- Memorandum of Understanding
  2. Guidelines and Resources for Lab Setup
  3. Billing sheet (CVR)
  4. ASVAST (Adolescent Sexual Violence/Abuse Screening Tool)
  5. The Use and Disclosure of Family Planning Patient Information in Electronic Information Data Systems
  6. A Guide to Review and Evaluate the Management of Personally Identifiable Protected Health Information
  7. Providing Video Assisted Patient Services and Secure Video Business Agreement

Section III: References

  1. Infrastructure development checklist (to be developed)
  2. Consent for Release of Information to Third Parties/Referral
  3. Assisting a Client for Continuous Enrollment
  4. Diagram of basic dual protection services
  5. Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  6. Female Dual Protection Kit
  7. Male Dual Protection Kit
  8. Pregnancy Dual Protection Kit
  9. Just the Basics: Practice Patient Privacy and Confidentiality
  10. Staff proficiency checklists (to be developed)