Clinic Management/Sustainability

Wisconsin Provider Resource Page
Numerous training events and materials have been developed specifically related to the contracts for Wisconsin DPH-funded providers. You can access these contact-specific items on the Wisconsin Provider Resource Page.

Business Tool Kit
Tools for improving customer service, developing an advisory committee, and improving clinic efficiency.

Simplified Cost Analysis Resource Page
Link to video and materials from the 5-part learning series in 2012 and the follow up webinar in 2013. Presented by Gerry Christie and developed for Wisconsin DPH affiliated providers, these webinars provide a step-by-step guide to establishing costs and setting a fee schedule.

Avoiding Electronic Health Record Disaster
Identify common mistakes leading to EHR disaster and learn strategies to mitigate EHR problems once they arise. This 3/17/2013 webinar was presented by Ron Sterling.
Recording / Handouts

Front Lines of Clinic Sustainability
Handouts from the 2012 training event geared towards clinic support staff. As the first and last lines of contact with patients, support staff members have tremendous influence on client satisfaction and retention.

Entering Data into the WinPFA System
This online learning module is designed as a resource for clinics using the WinPFA system to conduct time studies.

Third Party Billing Practices for Title X Clinics
This webinar with Gerry Christie from 10/13/2011 looks at issues around third party reimbursement and provides some ideas and suggestions to help family planning providers enhance their current practices and prepare for the future.
Recording / Handouts

Staff Stress Prevention and Management
This webinar from 3/25/2010 reviews stressors commonly found in reproductive health agencies as well as strategies for “burnout-proofing” our work environments and ourselves in order to improve client care.
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