Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Hot Topic Series
The following four sessions from a “Hot Topic” series at the 2013 Wisconsin Family Planning Symposium include What Moms Tell Us about Pregnancy Intention; Opiate Addiction and Pregnancy; Obesity in Pregnancy: Implications and Opportunities; and Reproductive Life Planning.

– What Moms Tell Us about Pregnancy Intention
Recording / Handouts

– Opiate Addiction and Pregnancy
Recording / Handouts

– Obesity in Pregnancy: Implications and Opportunities
Recording / Handouts

– Reproductive Life Planning
Recording / Handouts

Pregnancy and Contraception for Women with Mental Illness
This session from the 2011 Minnesota Reproductive & Sexual Health Update identifies resources for managing contraception and pregnancy for women with mental illness.

Integrating Prenatal Care Coordination into Family Planning Clinics
This session from the May 2011 Wisconsin Reproductive Health Conference: Normalizing Sexual Health conference explains the necessary steps to integrating prenatal care coordination into a family planning clinic setting.

All Options Counseling Video
This video allows clinic staff to explore options available to women who find out they’re pregnant, and build skills to offer respectful support and counseling to pregnant women as they consider their options.

Reproductive Life Planning Worksheet
This multi-page worksheet helps clinic staff explain and create a reproductive life plan with their patients.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Brochures