HIV Testing in Family Planning Video Series

HIV Testing in Family Planning Video Series

Health Care Education and Training has helped family planning clinics integrate HIV testing into their services.  Throughout this process both family planning administrators and clinic staff  have had the same key concerns about integration of testing.

This video series is designed to address these concerns and provide you with facts and a practical guide to testing integration:

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Introduction to Video Series

Video 1
Why is Routine HIV Testing Important?
( 6:18 minutes)

Video 2
HIV Testing in Family Planning
(4:21 minutes)

Video 3
Patient’s Reactions to Routine HIV
Testing in a Family Planning Clinic
(1:50 minutes)

Video 4
Integrating HIV Testing into
Family Planning Clinic Flow
(4:19 minutes)

Video 5
Giving Positive HIV Results
( 5:32 minutes)

Video 6
The Role of the Disease Intervention
( 5:55 minutes)

Video 7
HIV Care Providers: Linking Patients
to Care
(5:03 minutes)

Video 8
What Happens in HIV Care?
(5:16 minutes)

Video 9
GYN Manifestations of HIV/AIDS:
Ensure patient continues GYN care
(3:44 minutes)