Illinois Title X Family Planning Program


Past Events 2016

1.19.16- Webinar – Illinois Title X- Cost Analysis Simplified-Part 1
1.19.16 Webinar Handouts

1.26.16 – Webinar – Illinois Title X- Cost Analysis Simplified- Part 2 and How to Update RVU’s
1.26.16 Webinar Handouts

3.15.16 – Webinar – Using TIPS to Create a Trauma Informed Clinic
3.15.16 Webinar Handouts

6.1.16 – Webinar – Confidential & Covered: Research Findings and Recommendations
6.1.16- 6.1.16 Webinar Handout

6.7.16- Webinar – Human Trafficking 101: Spotlight on Illinois
6.7.16- Webinar Handouts

Past Events 2015

3.10.15 – Webinar – Illinois Title X Family Planning Programs
3.10.15 Webinar Handouts

3.18.15 – Webinar – Best Practice Tips in Third Party Payer Credentialing, Contracting, and Negotiations in the New Health Care Environment
3.18.15 Webinar Handout –

4.16.15 – Webinar – Optimizing Contraception Provision for All Women: A Spotlight on LARC
4.16.15 Webinar Handouts

5.7.15 – Webinar – Increasing Male Clients Through OUTreach and INreach
5.7.15 Webinar Handouts

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Program Documents

Illinois DPH Family Planning Program Guidelines, 2nd Revision, June 2016

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