Healthy Adolescent Development

Positive Youth Development
Positive Youth Development (PYD) is an intentional effort by adults, community organizations, schools, and government agencies to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their interests, skills, and abilities. PYD is the process through which young people acquire the cognitive, social, and emotional skills and abilities required to navigate life while decreasing the risk of them engaging in risky behaviors. HCET’s adolescent projects work with families and community partners to provide quality training and education using the PYD approach to reduce risky sexual behavior and promote adolescent sexual health.

HCET’s adolescent program staff delivers state of the art training using many evidence based pregnancy and STD/HIV prevention curricula. HCET offers training on several curricula including:  Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program® (TOP), Be Proud! Be Responsible!, Safe Dates, Our Whole Lives (OWL), and several others.

Our Projects

Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) The HCET PREP Project, Indiana Proud and Connected Teens (IN-PACT), is a federally funded pregnancy prevention project for youth ages 12-19. The goal is to improve the behavioral, social, emotional, and sexual health related outcomes for youth in foster care, adjudicated youth, and GLBTQ youth in Indiana using evidenced based pregnancy prevention and curricula and adult preparation subjects. This project is funded though the Personal Responsibility Education project (PREP), DHHS-AYCF grant award #90AK0005.

Indiana Parent Education Project (IPEP)  This project offers trainings for parents, social workers, school staff, and youth workers across Indiana focused on increasing parent-teen communication around positive sexual health, adolescent development, and avoiding unplanned pregnancy and STD/HIV transmission.

BrdsNBz-Indy This is a text based service for teens 13-19 to ask confidential questions about sexual health and get a medically accurate answer within 24 hours.


Talk2Protect  Studies show that youth want to talk to parents/trusted adults about sexuality, relationships, and other issues important to them. Talk2Protect is a text based service for parents and guardians that sends weekly tips/resources about important sexual health and adolescent development topics to discuss with youth. Talk2Protect is a great resource to help keep communication open and learn how to discuss topics that may be uncomfortable.

HCET understands that as a youth worker, parent or caregiver we can always use help and information on the many issues that youth face today. Whether it’s talking about sexuality, healthy relationships, adolescent development or how to start and keep open communication with our teens, adults need backup! Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more resources.