Indiana Parent Education Project

The Indiana Parent Education Project (IPEP) project is a continuation of a participatory research project that focused on improving parent’s access to accurate to accurate relationship and sex education in order to help their teens avoid pregnancy, STD transmission and build healthy relationship skills.

IPEP extended the findings from the focus groups into practice through texting programs, BrdsnBz-Indy and Talk2Protect.The project has expanded IPEP activities statewide and continues to be built on the following IPEP premises:

  • Adolescents have the right to be able to have open and honest conversations about sex with their parents in order to help them avoid risks and build healthy relationships as teens and adults.
  • Adolescents consistently report that the source they would most like to go to with questions about sex and relationships is their parent and in many Indiana communities, the standard belief is that sex education should happen in the home first.
  • Parents/caregivers often feel ill-equipped to have an open and honest discussion with their teens about sex.
  • Parents are busy and need to be able to access unbiased and accurate information conveniently and utilizing technology.

HCET understands whether you are a youth worker or parent we can always use help and information on the many issues that youth face today.  Whether it’s talking about sexuality, healthy relationships, development or how to start and keep open communication requires backup.  These are a few sites to help you and the youth in your life.