Wisconsin Family Planning

The Wisconsin Family Planning Project is committed to providing evidence-based quality reproductive health care that is responsive to patient needs, confidential, and affordable.

The project provides onsite and distance learning opportunities, comprehensive program development, continuing education scholarships, and technical assistance to publicly-funded, community-based organizations that provide family planning and reproductive health services to populations of need in Wisconsin.

The resources presented here are part of a continuing emphasis within the Wisconsin DPH Women’s Health-Family Planning/Reproductive Health (WH-FP/RH) Program on quality assurance and quality improvement, including program priorities, patient rights, and quality and responsiveness of care.

Resources for All Providers
Clinic Brochures
Colposcopy Network
Just the Basics
Reproductive Health National Resources
Clinic Sustainability
Orasure “HIV Oral fluid Testing”
Policy and Procedure Toolkit for Texting in Health Departments
Reproductive Health Priority Practices
Technical Assistance & Scholarships

Resources for Dual Protection Providers
Dual Protection Services
Resources for Women’s Health-Family Planning/Reproductive Health Program Providers
Family Planning 101
Program Guidelines and Handbook
Nurse Coding for PT71 Clinics Toolkit
Additional Resources*
*Additional WH-FP/RH provider resources are password protected; please contact HCET staff at 608-274-5455 or info@hcet.info for the password.